Badin Orienteering Club


Organizational meeting

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6:30 P.M.
      What is Orienteering?


Orienteering is a competitive form of land navigation. It is for all ages and degrees of fitness and skill. It provides the suspense and excitement of a treasure hunt. The object of orienteering is to locate a series of points shown on the map.  Using the map and a compass one navigates through the woods.  The key is choosing routes – both on and off trail – that will help you find all the points and get back to the finish in the shortest amount of time.  It is cross-country adventuring in the true sense of the word. The points on the course are marked with orange and white flags.  Each location has a punch, so you can prove you've been there. Each “control” marker is located on a distinct feature, such as a stream junction or the top of a knoll. It's easy to learn, but always challenging.      What will the club do?


Club members will be given six weeks of classroom training on, map reading, compass use, route selection, decision making, and competition tactics & strategies.  They will then compete in weekly events around the tri-state area.  Their top 6 results will contribute to the teams’ standings.  Badin will compete in the TROL (Tri-state Regional Orienteering League) with other schools.  Besides gaining lifelong useful skills, members will improve their personal confidence, in addition to having a great deal of fun.  A two day orienteering camp will be an option to learn advanced techniques.      Organizational meeting


Students and their parents are invited to attend a brief informational and organizational meeting, Wednesday, November 5, 6:30 p.m. at school.  Family and friends are welcome.      Contact Information


Question, concerns, comments: Call Coach Pat Meehan at 513-728-5688. 

Or Email at  Additional info on the web at:   &